Pro-Staff information

Q.D. Pro- Staff Coordinator 
Tammie & Darrell Schreiber

Quick Draw Bowfishing

Pro-Staff Process & History

 DEAD LINE to except Prostaff was January 31, 2019. We are no Longer excepting applications.

Chosen applicants will be notified by the end of February.   Quick Draw Outdoor Gear is looking for passionate, personable and experienced bowfishers who will respect the resources and fellow bowfishing community.  

Pro-Staff Expectations & Qualifications:  

Quick Draw Pro-Staff are to use Quick Draw products and promote them. 

Quick Draw Pro-staff are not Paid employees.

Quick Draw Pro-Staff  must strive to have the highest integrity, a good reputation, exhibit good sportsmanship, conservationist, set a good example to the community and fellow bowfisherman, be law abiding and enjoy sharing the outdoor experiences with others. 

2020 Pro-staff  requirements:

Submit all 2020 applications and questions to:  

ATTN:Tammie & Darrell , or click the grey Button link at the bottom of this section.  

2020 application  will  not be  excepted until Jan 1, 2020.  

2020 Basic application info needed is

1. Name, mailing address, email address, cell phone, home phone & shirt size.

2. List of bowfishing experiences w/Quick Draw products and if chosen as Pro-staff you are expected to use  Quick Draw Arrow rest and etc..

3. List B.F. experiences you have acquired that qualifies you as a representative of the sport of bowfishing.

​We look forward to having a close relationship with our Pro-Staff, which will actually become a partnership and a win-win for all.


Please contact Darrell and Tammie via email or the dark grey button link below for any up to date requirements.)

(Please note that  Pro-Staff are chosen by  the Q.D. Pro-staff Coordinators Darrell and Tammy Schreiber.   Please DO NOT send application to Quick Draw Outdoor Gear  ( application may be over looked due to the daily amount of email received through the business )

Pro-staff Coordinators

Thanks goes to our dedicated Pro-Staff


Pro-Staff History


We at Quick Draw are Thankful to have worked with great  2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,2015, 2016 & 2017, 2018 Pro-Staff.  Our Pro-staff members will always belong to the Quick Draw Bowfishing Family. We have members who have gone on to promote the sport bowfishing in ways we never could have reached ourselves..  We just encourage them and thanks goes out to all our Pro-Staff , Pass and present for all you have and are doing for the great sport of Bowfishing.

Thanks Pro-staff ! 

Pennie & Bill Montgomery

Pro staff 2010-2018


2018  Pro-Staff

Bill Truscott  Bellaire, MI

Joey Long Kuttawa, KY

Tony Reeves Larue, TX

Lance Wheeler Pipestone, MN

Tony Perotti Edwardsville, IL  

Charles Ezell Luka, MS

Tanner Webster Brazil, IN

Ken Lister Alabama

Chris Rhodes Troy, MO

Blake Nowland Oxford, AL

Nicole Aday Tishomingo, MS

Collin Seabolt Sand Springs, OK

Chad Uhls Franlkin, KY

Derrek Day Henderson, KY

Nick Wright Pisgah, IA

Seth Brittain Center, TX

Brendon Phillips Grovetown, GA

Chad McRae Southern Indiana

2018 sponsored Teams

Team Night Addiction (Alabama)

Jake Jones

Jeremy Bryant

Justin Aaron

TEAM-SEMO Shooters (MIssouri)

Lance Altenthal

Jessie Evans

Team Quick Draw (Oregon)

Scott Estes, Clayton Davey

TEAM-Amazon Rain Chicken (Ohio)

Travis Klaiber

Chris Williams

Bryan Dickens 

Johnny Butler 

Rob Law

Pro-Staff Cordinators/Carpe Diem 

Darrell Schreiber

Tammie Schreiber

2017 Pro-staff

Josh Taylor –--- TN.

Kyle Cross-------IN

Charles Ezell------MI  

Dale Gold--------KY.
Ken Lister ---- ----AL. 

Joey Long ----------KY

Lance Altenthal – MO.

Jordan Moritz------KS

Tony Perotti------MO.

Tony Reeves-------TX.

Chris Rhodes-----MO. 

Jace Scarbrough--TX.

William Truscott--MI

Chad Uhls- ---------KY

Lance Wheeler--MN.

Nick Wright------IA.

Tanner Webster -IN

2017  Sponsored Teams

TEAM- Out Clubbin 

Ted Moffett 

Lance Moffett 

Nick Wahl 

Josh Neal

Angela Cox 

Team Quick Draw

Scott Estes

Clayton Davey

TEAM- Upright Bowfishing 

Chris Parker

Danna Parker

Gunnar Parker

Bryar Parker 

Troy Whitney

Team -Night Addiction

Jake Jones 

Cody Goldman

Justin Aaron

Jeremy Bryant

TEAM- Carpe Diem Outdoors

Darrell Schreiber

Tammie Schreiber

2016  Pro- Staff

Charles Ezell---MI  

Scott Estes-----WA

Ryan Teitloff --KY

Ron Willett----IN

Joey Long -----KY

Jordan Moritz---KS

James Neumeier -AR.

Zac Miller - ----IA.

Tony Reeves--TX.

Dale Gold-----KY.

Jace Scarbrough--TX.

Tim Jackson---TX.

Chris Rhodes--MO.

Ken Lister ---- AL.

Dan Ashley--- Ga.

 Dean Biggerstaff -NE

 Marty Mcintyre --Tx.

2016 sponsored Teams

Carpe Deim Outdoors- MN.

Upright Bowfishing - OK.

Amazon Rain Chicken OH/WV

Team Out Clubbin - KY

Team Night Addiction -  AL.

2015  Pro-Staff

Ron Willett-IN

Nick Wright—NE

Scott Estes---WA

Charles Ezell—MI

Jake Jones---AL

Jordan Moritz---KS

James Neumeier ---AK.

Tony Reeves----TX.

Dale Gold-----KY.

Jace Scarbrough---TX.

Tim Jackson---TX.

Chris Rhodes—MO.

Ken Sharp--- MO.

Joe Nicholes—Ky.

Dan Ashley--- Ga.

Chad Uhls—Ky

Dean Biggerstaff—NE

2015 sponsored Teams

Carpe Deim Outdoors--

Upright Bowfishing---OK.

Amazon Rain Chicken—OH/WV

Team Out Clubbin –KY

Team White River Rambo—

Team Born 2 Bowfish

2014 Pro-staff

Ron Willett-IN

Bryan Daughtry-IN

Chris Rhodes-MO

Tim Jackson-TX

Charles Ezell-MS

Dale Gold-KY

Scott Estes-WA

Jake Jones-AL

Tony Reeves-TX

Jordan Moritz-KS

Ken Sharp-IL

Jace Scarbrough-TX

Nick Wright-NE

Joel Denison-TX

Dustin Apple-IN

Bill Schupmann MO

Andrew Wilbur-NY 

James Neumeier-AR

Keith Macaskil La

2014 Pro-Staff Teams

Carpe Diem-MN

Tammie, Darrell, Devin Schrieber

Born To BowFish-MN

Jason Mann, Tyson Warren,Bill Baumgartner, Job Lord

Amazon Rain Chicken OH WV

Travis Klaiber, Derek Steifel, 

Fullbore Bowfishing, IA

Zac Miller, Jamie Allen Beasley, Banourney & Dave Lent

UprightBowfishing Ok 

ChrisParker, Danna Parker, 

Gunnar Parker, Bryar Parker,

 Troy Whitney

2013 Pro-staff

Jace Scarbrough Tx

Ken Sharp Il

Ryan Sparkman Al  

Troy Wojtaszek

Nick Wright NEDan 

Ashley SC

Joel Denison TX

Scott Estes WA

Charles Ezell MS

Mel Greer  In.

Jake Jones Al.

Lucas Kaffenberger NE

Rob Law WV

Scott Hofsaess  NJ

Jason Mann Mn

Keith McCaskill  La.

Jeff Mitchell CA

Jordan Moritz

Tony Reeves Tx

Rodney Rexwinkle CO

2012 Pro-Staff 

Rodney Rexwinkle/CO.  

Ken Sharp /IL  

Troy Wojtaszeh/NJ  

Jake Jones/Al.  

Amy Young/IL  

Tammy Lapp/  

Lucas Kaffenberger/NE  

Joe Nichols/KY  

Rob Law/ WV  

Dan Ashley/Sc  

Joel Denison /TX  

Jeff Mitchell/CA.  

Nate Griffioen/MI.  

Keith Macaskil/LA.  

2012  Sponsored Team 

Team Carp Diem Outdoors  

Darrell Schreiber  

Tammie Schreiber  

Devin Schreiber  

Ty Smith  

Reaghan Smith

2011 Pro-staff 

Dan Ashley/Sc  

Chase Baker/Il  

Justin Bell/La  

Joel Denison /TX  

Jake Jones/Al.  

Rob Law/ WV  

Chris Moody/TX  

Joe Nichols/Ky  

L. J. Planner/Tn  

Tammie Schrieber/Mn  

Darrell Schrieber/Mn   

Keith MaCaskil La.  

​2011 Sponsored Team 

Team Mid-West B.F.  

Jason Greer  

Mel Greer  

Chris Lee  

Jeremy Oiller  

Rich Banner  

Matt McGuyer

2009-2010 Pro-Staff 

Chase Baker/Il.  

Eric Giles/Il.  

Shawn Deneen/WI.  

Jake Jones/Al.  

Mike Lunn/Fl.  

Joe Nichols/KY  

Clark Osborn/TX.  

Rodney Rexwinkle/CO.  

Matt Sanders/MI.  

Amistee Sanders/MI.  

Rodney Rexwinkle/CO.  

Doug Whitehead/KS.  

Keith Macaskil La.

We are thankful to family, friends & Pro-staff for allowing QuickDraw to be more then a day dream..