Customer Questions:


Question: What is your shipping address?

Quick Draw Bowfishing

321 Strain Allen Rd.  Jonesboro, La. 71251

Question: Can I purchase replacement screws to fit the Q.D. Rest?

Answer: Yes, We make available replacements for all screws , w/wrench’s ,, quick slick tape & rubber Gate in the  accessory pack.  (The accessory pack fits all rest that has the same exact design.) NOTE: Quick Draw Quick slick tape, Rubber Gate and screws will fit a PSE Snap Shot and Bass Pro Archenemy Rapid Fire.

Question: Can I purchase a replacement Rubber Gate and more Quick Slick Tape.

Answer: Yes, you can.  We sell Individual tape and gates  or the Accessory Pack. that includes both.  You  can purchase from a Quick Draw Dealer or our web page.

Question: Do you have instruction on how to apply Rubber Gate and Quick slick tape?

 Answer: Yes, At the bottom of this page is instruction to apply quick slick tape & Rubber Gate 

Question : Can I tie to the back of my arrow using the Quick Draw Bow Fishing arrow rest?

Answer : During testing I have not had any problems; but snap backs are known to occur when tying to the back of your arrow. Due to this Quick Draw does not recommend or endorse this practice under any circumstances.

Question: Can the Quick Draw Arrow Rest be  shot without the rubber gate.

Answer: Yes,  it can be shot without the rubber gate.   But without the rubber gate the arrow is no longer captured and is subject to come off the rest. (Quick Draw does not recommend or endorse this practice.)

Question: Will the safety slide Stop hit the arrow rest on straight down shots

Answer: NO,  Quick Draw Arrow Rest can be shot at any angle without problems as long as the Stop is position on top of the arrow and your knock point is less then. 3/4 high.

Question: What will happen if I accidentally load my arrow with the Safety Slide Stop down. 

Answer: The Quick Draw Arrow Rest has designed ramps to minimize problems but not stop damage to the arrow rest or arrow.( Always check arrow rest and arrow if this occurs before shooting again.)

Question: Can I use a UNINOCK ADAPTER with Quick Draw Arrow Rest? 

Answer: If you are getting very little arrow rest contact there should be no problems. If you are getting a good bit of arrow rest contact you may need to replace your Quick Slick Tape more often then normal. 

Uninock Adapter Tips

1) Raise Nock Point

2) Taper the bottom leading edge of Adapter

Question: Can Quick Draw Arrow Rest accommodate right or left hand shooter?


Question: What Colors does Quick Draw Bowfishing manufactured Rest come In?

Answer: Silver & Pink and soon Green & Black . However Q.D, Bowfishing design patent is leased and the color black and blue are produced by PSE Snap Shot and the color Black is used by Bass Pro Arch enemy Rapid Fire.  Quick Draw does not produce the color black at this time but may in the future.

Question: Does Quick Draw Warnatee a product with the same design not produced by Quick Draw? 

Answer: No . Only products manufactured by Quick Draw are waranteed by Quick Draw. All products of Quick Draws will have a Quick Draw Label and logo on packaging and logo on most products. 

Question: Does Quick Draw warrantee against wear, blemishes or scratches ?

Answer: No, the arrow rest , line puller body is assembled by hand a scratch or two may occur but the anodized body will with-stand a lot ; but scratch and wear  will occur over time eventually.

Question? Does the Pink Arrow rest pink color look exactly like the cover picture?

Answer: No, anodizing in color varies and photo colors aren't exact to the original.