NEW For 2019




Q.D BOWFISHING LINE PULLER COMING SOON For 2019- We are no longer taking Pre-Orders. Please keep check they should be ready to ship by April! 

Q.D. Line puller new in the Quick Draw Bowfishing Line up. The Line puller and handy arrow holder comes in two colors          

Silver & Black. 

Q.D. Line puller should arrive Mid March or Early April. This is an estimated time frame due to anodizing different material part production .  But once all the anodized parts arrive we should have them assembled packaged and ready to go out the door soon after.

How to Replace Quick Slick Tape



​Quick slick tape instruction:

  Clean rest launch pad with alcohol ,nail polish remover ,or any similar cleaning product . 

Cut 1/8x1inch strip from quick slick tape and attach to rest launch pad. Push down & rub with your finger to secure tape to rest . Using hot air from a blow dryer will soften the tape & let the glue stick better .

After a few seconds remove the hot air & again push down with finger & rub into place.


How to Replace Rubber Gate



How to replace Rubber Gate: 

Remove both small set 1/8set screws on both side of rubber gate (remove over container to catch tiny screws.) pull from inside or push through to outside, of rest.

Insert Quick Draw rubber gate through gate hole from outside into rest wall. 

Work rubber to perfect position for arrow entry so it will snap back to lock in arrow every time. 

(Use arrow size object such as pen for trial before tightening gate) Replace both set screws on both sides of gate and tighten (1-050 hex wrench) 

Using an X-blade knife or very sharp blade remove excess rubber slicing flush against outside curve of rest to make even cut. 

Product warranty information




The Original owner must send product directly to Quick Draw Outdoor Gear enclosing name, address, reason for return and proof of purchase. Warranty does NOT cover screws, rubber inserts or shipping cost. SHIP TO: Quick Draw 321 Strain Allen Rd Jonesboro, la 71251

Quick Draw B F Rest are guaranteed against breakage and bending of metal parts for a period of one year from date of purchase provided the product has not been altered or misused. Warranty does not cover cosmetic blemishes, fading, defects in grain of metal. Warranty does NOT cover screws, rubber gate, quick slick tape or shipping cost.

Bow Fishing Quiver warranted against workmanship and structure defects for one year from the date of your purchase. 

Quick Draw Line Puller-

Guaranteed against breakage and bending of metal parts for a period of one year from date of purchase provided the product has not been altered or misused. Warranty does not cover cosmetic blemishes, fading, defects in grain of metal. Warranty does NOT cover screws, rubber insert  or shipping cost.

How to Apply Q.D. Decal


Decal Instructions:

1. Prep- area where decal will be placed. Clean the area thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. ...

2. Prepare the sticker for application by firmly rubbing a credit card across the clear transfer tape. ...

3. Peel the paper backing off the sticker.

4. Place one end of sticker onto marked off spot firmly rubbing credit card or hard straight edge object across the clear transfer tape. ...

5. Once you feel decal is pressed firmly onto surface slowly peel back transfer paper off of the decal..... 

(if decal pulls away stop peeling and press down over that area with your nail or credit card then continue process slowly) 

Products info:



LOCK BLOCK Bowfishing single arrow Holder is made from durable custom molded rubber, designed to hold the arrow shaft when not in use. The Lock Block is as the name describes. A block of rubber that is molded to lock your arrow in place, when not in use. The lock Block is made from black EPDM rubber. It attaches to the riser in the bow sight placement holes. We supply 2 stainless steel screws to attach the lock block to the bow. The rubber acts as a lock washer and keeps the arrow holder tight to bow. Customer Instructions: Tighten screws until the screws are countersunk into the rubber so not to interfere with the arrow when in the holder. If arrow needs to fit tighter, you can tighten screws and this will put more holding power on the arrow; But, if tighten too much it will make arrow difficult to place in the holder. At this time the only bowfishing reels to work alongside the Lock Block is spinners reels.  

Quick Draw bowfishing Bond

1) Clean and dry surfaces to be bonded.

2) Apply a small amount of Quick Draw Bowfishing Bond to one of the surfaces.

(1 drop per 1 sq. inch to be bonded is recommended)

3) Press the two surfaces together for about 90 sec.( excess glue may cause longer fixture time)

Quick Draw Bowfishing Bond has been Rubber Toughened to provide Superior Shock resistance it is a very fast drying glue (not an instant glue) that will allow you a reasonable amount of time to adjust your nocks & points into your favorite position before fixture time. (75-90 sec)

Great for applying nocks & points to your bowfishing arrows!

Fast drying-Tough-Shock & Impact resistant!

No matter if you shoot in the heat or cold, Quick Draw Bowfishing Bond will do its job!

Has a Temp range from -65 to 280 °F

Fixture time of 75-90 sec / fully cured after 24hr. Store in cool dry place.


Skin Contact:

Remove contaminated clothing. Flush affected area with soap and plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation develops or persists, seek medical attention.

Eye Contact:

Flush eyes with warm water for at least 20 minutes. Hold eyelids apart to ensure complete irrigation of the eyes. Remove contact lenses. Seek immediate medical attention.


Move to fresh air. If breathing is difficult provide oxygen. If not breathing, immediately begin rescue breathing. If heart has stopped, provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Seek immediate medical attention.


Do not induce vomiting. If vomiting occurs spontaneously, place head lower than knees, or, if unconscious, in rescue position. Seek immediate medical attention.

Notes to Physician:

Maintain adequate ventilation and oxygenation of patient.