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Whats in your Quiver? : Fish Tales and Tips

Whats in your Quiver?

by Pennie Montgomery on 04/11/16

Just curious to know what you put in your Quick Draw Quiver. 

Billy made a comment that I ought to take a picture of all I can squeeze in my Q.D. quiver pocket because no one would believe it but instead I am posting Tony Perotti picture his is much cooler. But because I would like to know what all you put in your Quick draw Quiver I will list just a few  necessary items I carry in my Q.D.Quiver side pocket and they are.....Travel pocket sizes of bug repellent, first aide kit, Bed-Bath & beyond hand lotion,Sanitizer gel (vanilla/lemonscented).  Wet ones single packets. My purple good luck gloves a beanie( because I get cold) sunglasses, key-chain-light w/extra truck key. water proof cellphone bag w/ phone and rechargeable cell pocket booster along with a emery board finger nail clippers my Dad's pocket knife and Oooh a must have is a tube of lip balm, tic-tacs, aspirin and tums. Yes, I know extra points, nocks, Q.D. Glue Q.D accessory package, nock pliers are a must have also. So that's why Billy always brings extra.

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1. Tony Reeves said on 4/12/16 - 01:51PM
Well Mrs Pennie, I sure don't stuff that much into my quiver. Besides, all that is in my boat already, except that girly stuff. But what I do use my quiver for is my alligator gear. I have several of the old Steel Force Gator Bowfishing Broadheads and a few all carbon Cajun Arrows. It stays with my go bag for those nuisance alligator calls. So I just grab my bag, quiver, bow and a few bait poles and I'm ready for action.
2. Dean Biggerstaff QuikDraw Prostaff said on 4/12/16 - 02:03PM
Good question. We fish many lakes and rivers with different kinds of fish. I carry between 6-10 arrows. I prefer a standard carp point when I fish in areas with mainly common carp and gar. I also carry innerloc three blade tips for bighead and Asian carp. Most of my arrows are standard white fiberglass shafts. In the side compartment I carry sharpened spare screw on tips, nocks, QuikDraw glue, a small flashlight, and pliers. I could carry more but have a dry box full of tools in the boat. I hope that helps. See you on the water!
3. James Neumeier said on 4/12/16 - 02:10PM
It definitely comes in handy to keep my numbers arrows separate from my big fish arrows. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to find the right arrow when you're in a hurry. I always keep extra tips, nocks, and glue in the side pocket as well.
4. Dan Ashley danielrashley@eaton.com said on 4/13/16 - 07:16AM
What's in your Quick Draw Outdoor Gear Quiver?!?! If you don't have one yet you should and here's why....In mine you will find Muzzy and AMS arrows with Muzzy carp points...and the zippered compartment on the side is great to keep those small items you know your gonna need!! I keep extra knocks and tips in mine along with a set of Allen wrenches, needle nose pliers and a spool of extra line....I have several compartments in the boat (like most) where I keep all these same items. So what's the advantages?? Well when your tournament fishing it's great to have all of the things you know your going to need right there in one place and easy to get to....Another big advantage is portability...although they're great for it they're not just for people walking shooting the banks of creeks etc....Id be willing to bet everybody in this sport who shoots tournaments has several boats they shoot from between them and there buddies...and for that there's no better way than a Quick draw quiver to keep all your essentials together and organized ready to head out to the water anytime and on anyone's boat
5. M. McIntyre said on 4/13/16 - 08:45AM
It's a great addition for someone like me that travels places to Bow-fish. Grab and go!
6. Ryan Teitloff said on 4/13/16 - 10:45AM
For any avid bowfisher, the Quick Draw Quiver is a must have! Until I started using mine, arrows were always rolling around in the bed of the truck, or bouncing across the floor in the boat. If you opened any storage compartment you'd find all kinds of arrows just laying around. My Quick Draw Quiver keeps all of my arrows nead and in one spot. The pouch on the side hold pliers and a small storage box full of knocks, tips, and other items the sort. Innerloc Grapple Points rest comfortably on different colored shafts inside the main sleeve. If I decide I want to go out on someone else's boat, I just grab the Quiver Of Goodies and go!

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