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Are You Ready to Bowfish!!!!! : Fish Tales and Tips

Are You Ready to Bowfish!!!!!

by Pennie Montgomery on 03/29/16

Bowfishermen what tips do you have on how you pre-pare your equipment, boat and etc. You can post pictures on Quick Draw Face book page or send quickdrawoutdoorgear@yahoo.com or even post your individual expertise to this  blogs link. 

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1. Tmlynn said on 3/29/16 - 02:43PM
Today I am having a brand new pink and black string built and having my Browning Barracuda bow re-dipped in pink camo along w/my Quick Draw rest, reel seat and real cap to match. Looking Good and Shooting Good!
2. HuntNut said on 3/29/16 - 03:05PM
Got my brand new A.E. bow rigged with a new quick draw arrow rest dipped to match the bow. Haven't had many chances to shoot it with all this high water but my Quick Draw Quiver is loaded and ready for us to go.
3. Texas Two Guns (Tony Reeves) said on 3/30/16 - 01:50PM
Every year I drain the lower unit oil in my outboard, lube up all the nerts on the motor. Then put some grease in the bearing buddies. Drain all the old gas out and start with fresh. I also try to remember to wax all the bowstrings too.

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